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Pool Deck Resurfacing Murietta

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Are you tired of seeing your pool deck worse for wear? Want to make sure that your concrete pool deck is ready for summer next year and those to come? Well, that doesn’t mean that you have to run out and replace it, we have something that can save your current deck!
With our service of pool deck resurfacing, we can turn your current pool deck into the pool deck of your dreams without having to break the bank. Ready to learn how we can bring your pool deck back to its former glory, if not better? We have all you need to know down below.

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The Benefits Of Pool Deck Resurfacing

Boost Your Homes Aesthetics

When it comes to why you should resurface your pool decking, there is no shortage of benefits that you stand to gain. Remember, any damage to your pool deck won’t only become a serious health hazard for you but it will drastically decrease the lifespan of your concrete. Are you ready to see what resurfacing your pool deck can warrant for you? We have a few of the benefits down below:
Pool Deck Resurfacing Murietta
Improved Safety
Pool deck resurfacing will bring a fresh coating to your deck, refreshing your deck’s capability to provide a safe and comfortable environment. With any of our concrete coatings, you will increase the slip and skid resistance of your deck while making the deck up to 30 degrees cooler, reducing the need to run around the pool.
Investment Factors
Investment Factors
One of the biggest reasons that homeowners decide to resurface the pool deck is the amazing investment opportunity that our coatings can provide. For example, homeowners that have had their pool deck resurfaced have experienced a growth of up to 5% in the value of their home and an average of a 70% ROI.
Increased Durability
Increased Durability
Another reason why you should consider having your pool deck resurfaced is the fact that it can provide extra strength to your concrete slab. This is because we repair all imperfections on your concrete slab such as cracks gouges and other forms of damage, giving your concrete its structural integrity back to get it ready for heavy use in the summer.
Longer Lasting Concrete
Longer Lasting Concrete
By repairing the imperfections on your concrete and placing a protective layer over the top of the repairs, your concrete can experience a drastic increase of lifespan. Leaving cracks and gouges unchecked can lead to excess moisture reaching the underlying soils of your concrete, resulting in an unstable slab. Your slab can last decades after being resurfaced.
Pool Deck Resurfacing Cost
When it comes down to it, pool deck resurfacing can save you thousands of dollars compared to replacing your concrete pool deck. Not to mention, replacing your concrete can compromise the integrity of your pool and the underlying piping, resulting in tens of thousands of dollars of damage. Resurfacing is a nonintrusive process, keeping all surrounding workings out of harm’s way.
Concrete Pool Deck Resurfacing
Heres where you get to let your creative juices flow! We offer a concrete coating for every taste. To name a few, we offer stamped concrete, Kool Decking, concrete sealing, artistic overlays, and even pavers! No matter what your style may be, we will have something to suit your needs and your styling.
Cool Pool Deck Coating

Pool Deck Crack Repair

The Simplest Improvement

Sometimes, you can be fortunate enough to not have your entire pool deck affected by nasty cracks and gouges. If your pool deck has a small area affected, we can still help you out! By sectioning off the area and repairing all the cracks and other imperfections in the area, you can save even more money than resurfacing the deck!
We take our time on all of the pool deck crack repairs we perform as even the slightest mismatch can throw your entire pool deck astray. After the crack has been repaired we recommend painting or resealing the entire deck as the sun can fade paints or sealers faster than you think. By repainting the entire deck, we eliminate the risk of having the repaired section sticking out more than the rest of the deck.
Pool Deck Resurfacing
Murietta, California
If you are looking for a company that can get your pool deck back to its former glory, look no further! We offer professional service that is friendly to all budgets.