Frequently Asked Questions


Have questions about commercial epoxy flooring in Detroit, Michigan? Here’s where you can get your answers to the most common questions we hear from clients.

How long does a well-installed epoxy flooring last?
Our team of epoxy flooring contractors has the knowledge, tools and the right materials to properly install your epoxy flooring system no matter where it is. But, some stipulations can affect the longevity of your epoxy negatively or positively. For example, an epoxy flooring system can last longer on a fresh concrete slab than an aged on or longer in a low traffic area than a high traffic setting. But with our high-grade materials and professional installation techniques, you can expect your epoxy flooring system to last anywhere from 20-30 years with a proper maintenance regiment in place.
What are the benefits of Garage Floor Epoxy?
When it comes to the benefits of using a garage floor epoxy, you would find that the list would go on for miles! But that doesn’t mean that some benefits stick out more than the others. So down below, you will find that we have outlined the best benefits of using a garage floor epoxy down below:
  • An ultra customizable finish with metallic pigments, flakes and a wide array of color combinations or options
  • Protection from harsh chemicals
  • A finish up to 10x stronger than concrete
  • An increase in your home’s value by up to 5% with an ROI of 70-75%
Where can epoxy flooring be applied?
One of the best things about using an epoxy flooring system is the wide range of settings it can be applied in without a hitch or catch. Our epoxies are one of the most hygienic flooring systems on the market and have even been approved by the USDA to be used anywhere from food processing to medical or hospice care. Our epoxies are even strong enough to be used in industrial machine shops but comfortable and attractive enough to be used in your living room! If you are looking for a no compromise flooring system, epoxy can be used anywhere indoors.
Are epoxy floors good for residential settings?
In our opinion, yes. When it comes to the epoxy floor coatings usability in residential settings, you won’t be disappointed. From supplying best in class protection for your underlying concrete from both physical and chemical damage, it is the perfect coating for your garage. But at the same time, our epoxies are customizable to the point they can be used inside your home in settings like kitchens, living rooms and man caves. Not to mention, epoxies are stain-resistant, making them perfect for homes with pets or rambunctious children that can destroy carpet with spilled drinks. In our experience, it comes down to your taste in design and what you need from a flooring system.
How do you maintain an epoxy floor?
A key feature of epoxy flooring is just how simple they are to maintain. There is a reason why epoxy flooring has been given the nickname of the carefree flooring system. If you want to know what it takes to maintain an epoxy floor coating, you can find out how down below:
  • Epoxies are one of the few floor coatings to not require the use of waxes or polishes for maintenance
  • The only tools required are soft bristle brooms and standard wet mops; scrubbers can be used for larger areas.
  • When choosing a cleaner, make sure to use a PH neutral detergent.
  • For some commercial facilities and garages, epoxies can be washed down with a standard garden hose!
Is epoxy flooring safe?
The common misconception has epoxy flooring being an unsafe flooring system. We are here to say that epoxy is the exact opposite. Our epoxy flooring systems are one of the safest flooring systems on the market and down below, you can find out why we think so:
  • The reflective surface can make any area up to 150% brighter without additional lighting sources.
  • The surface of epoxy is seamless, cutting out tripping hazards present in traditional flooring.
  • Epoxy coatings don’t allow for harmful bacteria like mold or mildew to grow on its surface.
  • We offer silica sand additives that give texture to the epoxies surface, making it safer and easier to walk on when wet.
What are the different types of epoxy flooring?
As one of Murrieta’s top-performing epoxy flooring contractors, we have no shortage of options for our clients. From high-performance coatings that are easy to maintain to dazzling floorings that can make your neighbors green with envy, we have you covered! Down below, you will find the most popular epoxy floor coatings:
Metallic Epoxy- Uses metallic pigmentation to create dazzling finishes that look like lava, clouds or waves.
100% Solid Epoxy-The strongest epoxy on the market with a weight tolerance of up to 15,000 PSI.
Epoxy Flake Flooring-Most common in garages, uses multi or mono colored flakes for slip and skid resistance/ one of a kind appearance.
Commercial Epoxies- One of the few USDA approved flooring systems. Sometimes required in certain facilities like operating theaters.
How long does installation take?
When it comes to the installation length of epoxy flooring systems, you will not be disappointed by how fast our team can work. But, the installation speed relies on a few variables like the condition of your concrete, the size of the coating area and the type of epoxy you are using. For the sake of having an example, we can look at a standard 2 car garage with moderate cracking. After the concrete is cleaned and cracks are repaired, a day’s work may have already been completed and the installation of the epoxy can start the next day, which doesn’t take long at all. The longest wait you will experience with a standard garage epoxy is the cure time which can take up to 73 hours before a full cure has been achieved.
Do you recommend garage floor coatings to everyone?
It doesn’t matter what you use your garage for, from weekend hobbyists to full-on at-home mechanics, a garage floor coating can offer benefits that anyone should have the opportunity to invest in. Even if you don’t need the extra protection from dropped objects or heavy traffic, you may need to be protected from oil stains and the weight tolerance for heavy storage. Not to mention, we think everyone would love the benefit of having the value of their home increase upwards of 5% by coating the garage floor! So yes, we recommend a garage floor coating to everyone!
Can you install my garage floor coating in one day?
Depending on the size of the garage and condition of the concrete, we may be able to install an epoxy coating in one day but in most cases, it’s better that we take our time to make sure everything is going smoothly. Even if we can install the garage epoxy in one day, cure times will keep you from using the garage as soon as we leave. Our standard epoxies can take up to 72 hours to fully cure but if you choose the 100% solid epoxy system, it can be ready for light duty in as little as 1 hour and fully cured in 24 hours.
Why is the condition of my concrete important?
The condition of your concrete plays a major role in both the installation times and the service life of your garage floor coating. As much as the concrete industry has advanced, concrete is still very prone to cracking and over time, even the strongest garage floor coating will crack due to the underlying concrete. That is why we recommend that you coat your concrete before it gets in rough shape. If you want a coating to last its full lifespan like epoxies service life of 20-30 years.