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Don’t let your garage fall apart, don’t let your garage be ordinary, and certainly do not let your garage be the reason your property value drops. We offer epoxy garage floor services here in Murrieta, California, but our services are affordable compared to any other epoxy flooring company in the area. We offer great craftsmanship, fantastic services, and strong reliable team members.
With decades of experience, you are in good hands, don’t worry about your floors once you call us. To learn more about our services and what we offer, head over to our home page and call our professionals to set up an appointment for a free quote.

Epoxy Garage Floor Benefits

Benefits and more

Your residential garage floor can drop your property value incredibly quickly or they can raise it and the option is up to you.
Epoxy Garage Flooring Pricing
Epoxy Garage Flooring Pricing
You do not have to spend thousands of dollars on flooring that will also require extensive maintenance and repairs. Epoxy garage floors are extremely affordable because they do not require expensive cleaners or constant issues that need to be addressed.
  • Installation is quick because we utilize the materials already present
  • Repairs are nonexistent because epoxy floors do not damage
  • Cleaners are not necessary because everything can easily be wiped away
Epoxy Garage Flooring Durability
Epoxy Garage Flooring Durability
Professionally installed epoxy floors do not absorb chemicals, vehicle fluids, or harmful substances that could damage the floors or cause health risks to you or your family. The resin and hardener surface do not hold onto anything, making harmful liquids easy to wipe away
  • Epoxy garage floors are resistant to cracking and impact
  • Chemicals do not damage the surface
  • Hot tires do not breakdown the surface
  • Dragging items across the surface will not cause scratches
Epoxy Garage Floor Maintenance
Epoxy Garage Floor Maintenance
Why would you install a flooring system in your garage that needs to be treated carefully and lightly? You wouldn’t because epoxy floors do not need to be constantly watched over and maintained!
  • Epoxy garage floors can be easily wiped when spills occur
  • Scratches, impact, fluids, and vehicle pressure do not damage the surface
  • Do not scrub areas intensely or use acidic cleaners, always check with a professional
Epoxy Garage Flooring Resistance
Epoxy Garage Flooring Resistance
When you install an epoxy garage floor you want the surface to resist anything and everything that could cause damage to the appearance or the functionality of the surface. When you have a professionally installed epoxy floor, it will be resistant to anything you throw at it! Like:
  • Changing weather, epoxy surfaces help concrete reduce in cracking because it is less susceptible to the freeze-thaw-cycle.
  • Your garage floor will be resistant to mold, water, and oils
  • Epoxy garages are resistant to heat and fires
Best Garage Floor Epoxy Coating
Epoxy Garage Flooring Aesthetics
Your concrete surface does not have to be plain, boring, or painful to look at! Our epoxy installations enhance your property incredibly well because we are true artists at heart. Epoxy provides immeasurable flexibility in design when a professionally performs the installation.
  • Epoxy floors can be designed to mimic other surfaces
  • Garage epoxy floors can be installed to be glossy, improving visibility in a garage
  • Professionally installed services provide choices between colors, designs, textures, and patterns
Garage Floor Epoxy Contractors
Epoxy Garage Flooring
If you want a flooring system that is easy on your vehicles, is quick to install and leaves a positive ecological footprint even after installation, then you want an epoxy garage floor:
  • Epoxy garage floors are sustainable and do not produce more waste then is necessary
  • These floors are non-toxic and are low in VOCs
  • Epoxy garage floors are seamless, so they create a better environment for vehicles
Metallic Garage Floor Epoxy

Metallic Garage Floor Epoxy

What is it?

A metallic epoxy floor is made of 100% solid epoxy, meaning, it is the strongest flooring you can install. Its unique properties will make any garage it is installed in the talk of the town. Metallic floors are made by manipulating the pigmentation added to the epoxy mixture, but the best part is that the floors can never be duplicated, you will be the only one with your garage floors. More benefits include:
  • 3D illusions are created on your surface
  • Metallic epoxy floors hide blemishes that cannot be removed from your concrete
  • These floors are resistant to damages that are typically caused by scratches
  • Metallic floors do not stain or absorb any liquids
  • They can be installed with bright flashy colors or they can be installed to be subtle but both are beautiful
Epoxy Garage Flooring
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Flake Epoxy Garage Floors

Flakes on Flakes

Epoxy Flake Garage Floor
Have you ever seen a flooring system that looks like it has small chips on the surface? That was an epoxy flake floor! These are great flooring solutions for garages that are used regularly because they can hide, protect, and offer beauty to your garage. benefits of a flake epoxy floor include:
  • Improved traction for a better slip-resistant surface
  • These floors are economical and 100% renewable
  • Creates a granite look that cannot be duplicated for the price
  • With a beautifully coated environment, your floors can camouflage damages that occur before or after the installation has occurred

Professionally Installation is Necessary

DIY is no!

Professionally Installation
A concrete surface, that is naked, plain, and ready to use is a very absorbent surface! These floors do not resist bacteria or mold very well if the water is left to sit in their pores and they do not let go of dirt or debris easily.
Professionally installed epoxy floors do not allow chemicals and vehicle fluids to breakdown the concrete below. With a professionally installed epoxy floor, moisture cannot ruin your floors. Do not allow your floors to be damaged because the installation was not done properly.
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Professionally installed floors are essential
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