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Industrial Epoxy Flooring Murietta

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We know how hard you work to keep your business profitable so its only right that your industrial facility works just as hard as you do. Where other flooring systems will fail your facility in a matter of years, our industrial epoxy can last your facility decades!
Our industrial epoxy floor coatings are one of the hardest working flooring systems available today with high weight tolerances, superior damage resistance, and unmatched chemical resistance. If you want to learn about what our epoxies can do for you and your business, we have all you need to know outlined down below.

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Why You Should Use Industrial Epoxy Flooring

The Many Benefits Of Our Epoxy

While the durability of industrial epoxy is one of the most widely known benefits of epoxy flooring, there is so much more that the flooring system has to offer. Our epoxies can make your facility safer and even more efficient. Down below, you will find a few of the benefits that makes epoxy one of the most trusted systems in the industrial realm.
Industrial Epoxy Flooring Murrieta
Increased Durability
Our industrial epoxy flooring systems are the strongest flooring systems on the market as they can resist most forms of physical damage. Industrial epoxies offer resistances to dropped objects, heavy foot/vehicle traffic and even the use of heavy machinery. If you want a flooring system that works as hard as you, look no further.
Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating
Safety Improvements
Like the rest of our epoxies, industrial epoxy offers safety features that other flooring systems just can’t offer. For example, there are two ways to add texture to your flooring to make it safer to walk on when wet or soiled, silica sand or decorative flakes. Epoxies can even make any setting they are placed in up to 150% brighter without additional lighting sources.
Industrial Grade Epoxy Floor Coating
A crucial element that industrial flooring needs to have is a long service life. If you need to constantly replace your flooring, what’s the point of having it? Well, with professional installation our industrial epoxies are sure to please. Our industrial epoxies offer a 20-30 years lifespan when proper maintenance routines are followed.
Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating Contractors
High Performance
Our epoxies are one of the most high-performance flooring systems on the market to this date. With our high-grade materials and professional preparation, our industrial epoxies offer more weight tolerance with a staggering tolerance of up to 15,000 PSI and compared to standard concretes tolerance of only 3,500 PSI.
Industrial Epoxy Floor Covering
Chemical Resistance
Along with the superior physical damage resistance, our industrial epoxies have been engineered to withstand the harshest of chemical agents as well. Industrial epoxy floor coatings can resist damage from chemicals like battery acid, harsh cleaners and even chemicals you may be manufacturing. Remember, pick up any chemical spill that occurs with haste, prolonged exposure can dull the finish.
Floor Epoxy Industrial
USDA Approved
If your facility deals with sensitive goods like food or medical equipment, our industrial epoxies have been approved by the USDA for use in such instances. This is largely in part due to epoxies seamless and nonporous finish that won’t allow for any germs to hide away and avoid being cleaned or disinfected.
Industrial Epoxy Concrete Floor Coating