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Is your business suffering? Are your floors falling apart? Maybe there is a connection and maybe you should call us over here at Commercial Epoxy Flooring Murrieta! We know floors and we know how important the beauty and cleanliness of the floor can be to the everyday success of a business.
When a professionally installed epoxy floor is done, your floors will look like you ripped them out and replaced them with completely new ones!
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Commercial Uses for Epoxy Floors

Murrieta, California

We offer to the floor for all types of commercial business because everyone deserves a floor they can depend on!
Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating
Retail & Large Centers
Areas with heavy foot traffic and constant movement need floors that make their businesses stand out but floors that last for long periods! Commercial areas like retail and shopping centers need floors that attract people to their areas and keep them interested in the products.
  • Commercial epoxy floors can be installed with different colors and patterns that create a fun atmosphere for retail centers
  • These floors can enhance the elegance in an area with high-gloss and delicate designs
  • Create a safe space with slip-resistant floors
Commercial Epoxy Floor Contractors
Warehouse Epoxy Flooring
Warehouses love epoxy floors because they offer protection against heavy machinery and vehicles. Epoxy floors create safe and welcoming environments for commercial warehouses where people and machinery alike are used. Commercial epoxy floors benefit warehouses because:
  • They do not allow the concrete to crack when exposed to heavy equipment
  • Epoxy protects concrete from pitting
  • Warehouse epoxy floors are much easier to clean and maintain clean because the concrete does not absorb dirt and debris
Commercial Epoxy Flooring Murrieta
Auto Facility Epoxy Flooring
For areas like showrooms, garages, and spaces where cars are being kept, you need a floor that can handle the environment. Epoxy Floors benefit auto facilities because:
  • Auto shops are known for mistreating flooring and epoxy can ensure that the concrete beneath does not ruin
  • Grease, oil, and vehicle fluid can be easily wiped away from epoxy floors
  • These floors will not scratch when parts or vehicles are being dragged across the floor
Commercial Concrete Epoxy
Pharma Epoxy Flooring
Epoxy floors are fantastic floors for areas that need clean and durable floors every day of the year! Pharmaceutical areas need to keep floors that are approved by guidelines set by the USDA and more. These guidelines are not flexible and if they are failed to be met the property can be fined and/or shut down. These types of areas benefit from epoxy floors because:
  • They are resistant to chemical breakdown
  • Resist dirt, debris, dust, and bacteria
  • These floors are waterproof
Commercial Concrete Floor Epoxy
Food & Beverage Epoxy Flooring
Wherever your food and drink is being handled, you want it to be clean. There is not a place or time where having a dirty area is acceptable for food and beverage facilities.
  • Beverage areas need epoxy floors because they are resistant to harsh chemicals
  • Food areas need epoxy floors because otherwise, naked concrete would absorb dirt and debris that could endanger the food being processed in the area.
  • USDA and FDA guidelines require that all facilities keep strict floor cleanliness to ensure the safety of the masses
Commercial Epoxy
Aircraft Hangars
This is for hangers that are in use and hangars that have been transformed into museums! Both need floors that are strong and coated by a professional, so they last for the long haul. Epoxy floors are those floors for areas that handle aircrafts because:
  • Traditional floors absorb chemicals that are not able to be removed
  • Epoxy floors are not susceptible to damage by fuel spills
  • Hot tires from aircraft and vehicles do not and will not damage the floors
Commercial Epoxy Flooring Installers

Commercial Metallic Epoxy Flooring

What is it?

Metallic epoxy commercial flooring is a beautiful way to ensure that you keep your floors 100% unique to your style and personality. Metallic epoxy floors will never be able to be duplicated and they create breathtaking designs. For commercial settings, this is an important attribute because the floors allow customers and clients to admire the first of many aspects that your business has to offer.
  • These floors create a sense of unique elegance that can only be found in your business
  • Metallic epoxy floors are 100% solid and do not damage easily
  • With a professionally designed floor, the images can quite literally pop out at you
  • Designs like water, rippled, craters, and more can be achieved with metallic epoxy floors.
Commercial Epoxy Flooring
Murietta, California
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Commercial Garage Epoxy

Protect your concrete

Commercial Kitchen Flooring Epoxy
For large parking garages or garages made specifically to accommodate your clients, ensure that the surface isn’t damaged, cracked, stained, or chemically breaking down. Commercial garages benefit dramatically from a professionally installed epoxy floor because:
  • Garage floors will not absorb chemicals, vehicle fluids, or other harmful substances
  • These floors will not crack, spall, or damage
  • Commercial garage floors are strong durable and resistant to changing weather and natural exposure that commercial garages are prone too
  • The concrete will last twice as long and not require extensive care

Commercial Kitchen Epoxy

Better floors, better food, better service

Commercial kitchen Flooring Epoxy
In areas where food is being prepared and served like many restaurants, you want everyone to be walking on a floor that is clean, safe, and long-term. Epoxy floors are those floors because:
  • They are heat resistant
  • Epoxy floors are slip-resistant
  • Professionally installed floors are fire-resistant
  • They are mold, mildew, and bacteria resistant
  • Epoxy floors are strong and resistant against stains and absorbing liquids
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Commercial Epoxy Flooring in Murrieta, California