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Metallic Epoxy Flooring Murrieta, California

Durable, attractive, and long-lasting

Are you looking for a flooring system that not only looks good but feels good? One that doesn’t damage after being used, one that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on installing and repairing? Then you’re looking for a metallic epoxy floor.
Metallic epoxy floors work wonders for homes and businesses alike because they are resistant, durable, and undeniably beautiful.

Benefits of Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Murrieta, California

Our installers have mastered the best techniques on installation and only use the best materials that will perform for years. For more information, head over to our home page.
Metallic Epoxy Floor
Don’t Break the Bank
When compared to other decorative flooring options and materials, metallic epoxy floors are the most affordable option for more reasons than one. You do not have to break your bank account wide open to have a surface that is resilient and affordable.
  • The unmatched durability of metallic floors ensures you will not spend money on unnecessary repairs and deep cleaners
  • Metallic epoxy installation is a simple process for a professional, so costs are low for manual labor
  • Metallic floors last for decades, you will not be constantly replacing your floors.
Metallic Epoxy
Resistance Is Key
If you’re installing your floors in a home with children or in a commercial facility that sees a lot of different foot traffic, having a flooring system that is resistant to breaking down is extremely important for the overall safety and longevity of your floors.
  • Your floors can be used in areas that are exposed to high foot-traffic because it will resist wear and tear
  • Stains and water will not damage your floors because of the protective layers that are applied to your metallic floors
  • With 100% epoxy floors oils, grease, and/or will not damage the floors
Murrieta Metallic Epoxy
Aesthetics Are Popular
With a beautiful contrast between colors, metallic floors provide business and homeowners floors that can never be duplicated even if it was attempted by the same installer. With different techniques and color schemes, your floors will impress family, friends, clients, and guests alike.
  • When professionally installed metallic epoxy floors produce 3D illusions
  • The color schemes and the way pigmentation are manipulated in each floor can never be duplicated
  • Metallic floors create shine and elegance that enhances any property it is installed in.
Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating
Protect Your Concrete
Metallic epoxy floors aren’t just beautiful, they are notoriously protective. A naked concrete surface is porous and will absorb all chemicals, water spills, oils, and debris that comes it’s way; however, once the 100% solid epoxy flooring is installed, your concrete floors are out of harm’s way!
  • Concrete alone is not durable
  • Metallic floors ensure that mold and mildew do not ruin your concrete
  • With its resistance to impact and scratching, metallic epoxy floors are great options wherever concrete is used.
Metallic Epoxy Floor System
Safety Is Important
Guess what! Metallic epoxy floors are more than just their looks, these floors create safe and healthy environments. When a metallic epoxy floor is installed, you can make sure that it has features that will keep you, your family, and your guests/clients safe.
  • These floors can be installed to be slip-resistant
  • Don’t worry, they are easy to clean, and keeping an allergy-free zone is simple
  • They are heat and chemical-resistant
  • The shine and gloss that epoxy metallic floors have lightened a room over 300% more dramatically improving visibility
Pure Metallic Epoxy Floor
Variety Makes Them Better
You don’t have to have concrete in one specific space, metallic floors can be installed in a lot of different areas and our team can promise to deliver the best floors you’ve ever had. Our installers provide the best customer service for any area that you’re needing a metallic installation.
  • Garage floor
  • Retail and shopping centers
  • Schools and lobbies
  • Showrooms
Metallic Epoxy Garage Floor

Metallic Epoxy Garage Floor

Is it worth it?

If you’re looking to increase property value, strengthen your floors, or create an inviting and safe workspace, install a metallic epoxy floor! These floors are fantastic options for any garage space but especially for property value and/or workshop. Our metallic epoxy materials transform any garage space, blemishes and all, into a desirable and usable area. So, why would you want a transformative garage floor to store your vehicle and tools?
  • A metallic floor is seamless, it reduces the wear and tear on your tires and does not breakdown if your tires are hot when you park your car
  • With an impact, scratch, and stain resistant surface, there is nothing that you can’t use your garage floor for!
  • If your garage looks good, your homes overall property value rises more than 15%
  • In an area that can be exposed to drastic weather changes, oils, fluids, and chemicals, metallic epoxy floors hide previous blemishes and prevent new ones from happening
Metallic Epoxy Flooring
Murrieta, California
There isn’t anything we can’t handle, so don’t waste your time with any other business. Call our professionals now to set up an appointment to get a free quote. To learn more about all of our services head over to our home page.

Commercial Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Enhance your space today

Metallic Epoxy Resin Floor
Floors in a business should be not only beautiful but resistant and long-lasting. Our professionals install metallic floors quickly and efficiently, you have nothing to worry about with us because we know firsthand how important it is to have a floor that you can trust. Metallic epoxy floors truly upgrade a commercial space, and here is why:
  • We install floors quickly; your space will not be interrupted for long and revenue will not suffer
  • Metallic epoxy floors last for over two decades because of their high tolerance to usage
  • Don’t worry, your floors will always be one of a kind, this detail alone will dazzle you’re your clients and customers
  • Add safety that will keep employees and customers safe at all times like slip and fire-resistance

Residential Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Make your home your own

Garage Metallic Epoxy Floor
When we think about concrete floors we typically think about grey, dull, and monotone floors that bore everyone; however, metallic epoxy floors have made that a falsehood because of their intense designs. Our artistic technicians can create floors for your home that have never and will never be seen again. With that, you can dazzle everyone and anyone who steps into your space. So, what areas can you transform?
  • Turn your basement into an inviting elegant space for guests or use it as an extra room to further enhance your homes space
  • Transform your kitchen into a heat-resisting surface that is not only beautiful but long-lasting
  • Enhance the character of your home with a new and fresh look in your living room
  • Change the sensual feeling in all of the bedrooms in your home by installing a metallic surface that creates 3D illusions on your floors
Affordable Metallic Flooring
Here in Murrieta, California