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It doesn’t matter if you only use your garage for weekend hobbies or if you use it as a full-on auto shop, your garage floor needs protection. Where there are options like interlocking tiles, industrial carpet or even sealers, there is no better protection than an epoxy flooring system.
With one of our epoxies, your garage will be stain-resistant, safer and can make your neighbors green with envy with its luxurious finish. To learn more epoxy coatings, look at what we have down below!

Why You Should Use Garage Floor Epoxy

More Than Meets The Eye

What most home and business owners know about epoxy is that it can make a concrete slab look better and provide an extremely hard surface. But, there are so many more benefits that you stand to gain by using an epoxy that just can’t go unnoticed so down below, you will find the best benefits that you stand to gain from using epoxy in your garage.
Increased Durability
Did you know that epoxy flooring can be up to 150% stronger than your average concrete slab? Not only is our coating resistant to physical damage from dropped objects, heavy foot, and vehicle traffic, but it can also be used for heavy storage applications with a weight tolerance of up to 15,000 PSI compared to concretes PSI tolerance of only 3,500.
Fast Installation
Our team of epoxy flooring contractors has what it takes to get your epoxy installed rapidly and professionally. For the average 2 car garage, we can have your garage coated in as little as 1-2 days! Depending on the epoxy system you choose, cure times can vary between 72 hours and 24 hours before the garage is ready for full usage.
Garage Epoxy
Chemical Resistance
As studies have shown, even if the average homeowner doesn’t use harsh chemicals in the garage, most of the cleaners, degreasers and other chemicals homeowners own are stored in the garage, so wouldn’t you want your garage to be protected in case of an accident? Our epoxies are resistant to most chemicals and will even make cleanup easier with a nonporous finish.
Carefree Maintenance
Home and business owners are loving just how easy it is to maintain an epoxy garage floor coating. With no need for waxes or polishes, the system is extremely affordable to maintain. In terms of what you will need, just make sure to have a soft bristle broom, standard wet mop, and a PH neutral cleaner on hand to get the job done.
Epoxy Garage Floor Installers
Safety Implementations
We all know just how dangerous the garage can be but with an epoxy garage floor, we can turn that around. The reflective surface of epoxy can make the garage up to 150% brighter to make working in the garage easier and also make hazards on the floor easier to spot. We also offer a silica sand additive that can make walking on a soiled floor safer!
So just how long can an epoxy last in the garage? We know that the garage can be a very harsh setting especially if it’s used for automotive wrenching or just daily storage. That is why we use professional-grade materials and modern installation methods to make sure our epoxies last. With proper maintenance, your epoxy coating can last anywhere from 20-30 years!
Metallic Epoxy Garage Floor

Customizing Your Garage Floor With Epoxy

Endless Configurations

One of the reasons why we are so highly touted in Murrieta is because of the wide range of customization that we offer with our epoxies. Because the epoxy is a liquid resin before installation, there is no limit to what you can achieve with the coating. For our standard epoxies, we offer a nearly endless selection of base colors, multi or mono-colored flakes and even the ability to have logos or emblems installed directly under the top layer of epoxy.
We are also one of the few contractors in Murrieta that are trained in the field of metallic epoxy flooring systems. With this dazzling coating, we can use our squeegees, solvents, and blowers to craft a flooring system that replicates the appearance of waves, clouds, and even lava. No matter what you do with your epoxy, it will truly be one of a kind.
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Murrieta, California
Are you tired of getting the short end of the stick when using other contractors in Murrieta? We know that it may seem like all contractors are out to make a couple of bucks off of you but here at Epoxy Murrieta, we still do business the old fashioned way so give us a call to see what we can do for you!

Investing With Garage Epoxy

A Secure Future

Garage Epoxy Coating
So many homeowners are loving just how much of a good investment that coating their garage in epoxy has been. With the ability to last 20-30 years and drastically increase the lifespan of your concrete, epoxy coatings offer an excellent investment for your concrete alone.
But, epoxy garage coatings can increase the value of your home! Studies have shown that homes on the market with epoxy garages are more attractive to home buyers. Garage epoxy has been known to offer a 70-75 return of investment, making it one of the best investments you can make into your home.

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Want to know why you can trust us over the other guys in Murrieta? Well, we have decades of combined experience bringing professionally installed garage floor epoxies to our neighbors in Southern California. With a strong set of beliefs on how business should be done, we know that we can get your coating installed correctly the first time around.
How? We only use the top of the line materials and equipment paired with installation and preparation methods that are tried and true. Ready to see what we can do for you? Give us a call today to get your free quote!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have a few questions you want to be answered before you make the switch to a garage epoxy? While our home page can answer some questions, we have outlined a few of the most common questions we receive from past clients to try and help to clear a bit of the haze.

How soon can I get back to using my garage after installation?
When it comes to how long it will take to use your garage after we have installed your epoxy, some factors play major roles in how long the coating can take to fully cure. The biggest factor is the type of epoxy you choose. Our standard water-based epoxy can take up to 72 hours to fully cure where our 100% solid epoxy systems will only take 24 hours to fully cure. But, the weather can also play a large role in the cure times, that is why epoxies are best installed in the morning where curing can start at the warmest parts of the day. So on average, count on a 24-72 hour wait time before the garage can be fully used.
My garage’s concrete is damaged is that going to be a problem?
Here at Epoxy Murrieta, we can deal with some damage with concrete repairs and in some cases, concrete resurfacing may need to be performed to get the most life out of your coating. If you are worried that your garage may be too damaged to coat but don’t know for sure, feel free to give our team of contractors a call today so we can give you a free, no-hassle quote!
Can you coat damaged and weathered concrete surfaces?
We know that sometimes concrete can have a hard time standing the test of time. Even if your concrete has become weathered over the past few years, we have to prepare the slab for installation anyways! We use industrial-grade grinders to remove the top layer of concrete to expose its pores, so even if your slab is weathered, there is most likely a chance that you are still eligible for a garage floor epoxy. To make sure, give us a call today so we can give you an honest opinion.