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Concrete Polishing Murietta

Multi-Purpose Flooring With Flexible Pricing

Are you looking for a flooring system that won’t only increase the durability of your concrete but also provide a mesmerizing finish that is sure to impress your guests? Well, if you decide to go with a traditional flooring system, you have to choose one thing or the other but, with one of our polished concrete flooring systems, you won’t have to compromise.
Polished concrete is a flooring system that has been around for ages but has only recently been discovered for its ability to bring the interior design of your home to the next level at an affordable price. Want to learn about our concrete polishing service? We have all you need to know down below.

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Where Can Concrete Polishing Be Done?

Not Just For Commerical Or Industrial Use

There has been a common misconception over the years that polished concrete can only be used in commercial or industrial settings but we are glad to say that isn’t true at all! We bring our concrete polishing services everywhere and anywhere you want! Ready to see where you can place your one of a kind flooring system? We have a few of the most popular settings it can be installed down below:
Polished Concrete Murrieta
Garage Floors
Polished concrete is one of the best flooring systems for both commercial and residential garages as they offer superior stain resistance, making maintenance a breeze! Not to mention, the average concrete polishing project will only take upwards of 2-3 days for a concrete slab that is in good condition, faster than most other garage floor coatings.
Polished Concrete Floors
Living Areas
In the last couple of years, interior designers have been using polished concrete as a focal point in their homes. In 2019, polished concrete interior floors are a massive hit with the trend of industrialism being as big as ever! Not to mention they are perfect for homes with families as it offers protection from scratches, abrasions, and stains from even the most rambunctious of playtimes!
Concrete Grinding And Polishing
Food Processing
What makes polished concrete a suitable option for food processing plants and restaurants alike is its approval from the USDA to be used in said settings. What also makes them ideal is that you can polish the concrete to have texture, making it easier and safer to walk on the flooring when it becomes wet or soiled.
Exterior Applications
Exterior Applications
One of the most popular forms of exterior concrete polishing is on the patio. Patios are one of the main focal points of any party or gathering and a polished concrete patio can add that wow factor that many homes haven’t embraced yet. We offer saw cutting to produce custom designs or we can even place logos into the polished finish.
Medical Facilities
Medical Facilities
The approval from the USDA has brought concrete polishing into the medical realm as well but for more reasons than just its hygienic properties. A medical facility deals with potent disinfectants and cleaners daily and our polished finishes are